“I cannot attribute how good I feel these days to anything but the stamina and excitement Dana’s classes have brought to me!”

“Most interval training routines repeat the same exercise. Dana’s high intensity, interval based workouts are always changing exercise patterns, alternating from aerobic to anaerobic, high intensity to recovery. And she brings an energy and enthusiasm to the workout that is infectious — you can’t help but become addicted!”

“What I tell my friends about Dana’s workouts is, she’ll positively inspire your body and mind. It’s like working out with friends—everyone is in it to get fit.”
Michelle N.

“Total Body Conditioning has transformed my body. People ask me all the time: how do I get your arms? This workout is how!”
Michelle R., 40

“These workouts push me in ways I never thought possible. I never get bored because Dana makes working out fun while helping you get the results you want.”
Kim, 42

“It’s great for guys….I can keep up and it’s not too complicated. it’s different than any other total body workout I’ve done. I have a ton more energy”

“I’m older, but I do my own thing at my own level and I love the results. I feel great!”

“Dana’s workouts allow me to feel young again…fit, healthy and strong!”
Eileen, 40

“Dana’s enthusiasm and high energy are a true inspiration! You finish her workouts feeling a sense of accomplishment and energized!”
Jami, 35

“This program is as tough as you want it to be. It got me back in shape after having a baby—the pounds and inches fell off! It’s really for everybody!”
Alisa, 43

“You don’t get bored because you’re having fun while you’re exercising.”

“EveryBody Fitness is like nothing else. It’s challenging, but rewarding.”
Mark, 41

“Now my husband does it too and loves it!”

“I do low impact and I still feel like I’m getting an amazing workout.”